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Recording Studio

10 minutes from Sants train station and 5 minutes from Badal metro, our rooms acoustically conditioned, also feature natural daylight and air conditioning.

Our studio

Koala Studios is the recording studio in Barcelona of the well known spanish producer Alberto Quintero. The studio features a hand picked selection of classic outboard, combined with a powerful and modern digital recording system based on ProTols 12 HDX, with over 200 audio plugings, and converters and digital clock of highest quality.

We offer our 30 years experience working in the industry for national and international artists throughout the world, to give to your project the professional polish that a few years ago could only be achieved outside Spain.

We offer a warm and friendly atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and unleash your creativity. Guided by our technical team you will reach the sound you want for your project, regardless of your musical style or budget.

Our Equipment

Handpicked selection of Analog vintage and Digital outboard gear.



2 x Neumann U87 Ai (Matched)

2 x Neumann KM184 mt (Matched)

2 x Colles 4038 mt (Matched)

2 x Sennheiser MD421-II

2 x Sennheiser E604

1 x AKG C1000

1 x Shure Beta 52A

1 x Audix D6

2 x Shure SM57 LC

1 x Shure Beta 57A

1 x Shure SM58


1 x TC System 6000 + Mastering Package

1 x Virtualizer Pro Behringer

1 x Yamaha R100

1 x Yamaha EMP1000


Mac Pro G5 Dual QuadCore Intel Xeon E5620 (14GB Ram)

ProTools HD3

1 x Crane Song HEDD 192

2 x 192 I/O Digidesign

1 x 96 I/O Digidesign

1 x Apogee Rosetta 800

1 x Motu 828 MKII

Motu Midi Express 128

Motu Miditime Piece AV

1 x RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632

1 x Behringer Eurorack MX1604A


2 x Neve 1073 DPA (Stereo)

2 x API 512c (Stereo)

2 x API Audio 3124+ (4 channels)

2 x TLA Audio 5051 Ivory

1 x ART Tube Opto 8


1 x Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

1 x API Audio 2500 Stereo Compressor

1 x Universal Audio 1176 LN

1 x Universal Audio LA-2A

1 x SSL XR626 Stereo Bus Compressor

2 x SSL XR418 E-Series Dynamics

1 x Behringer Autocom Pro MDX1400


1 x GML 8200

2 x API 550b

2 x SSL XR425 E-Series EQ

1 x Behringuer Ultra-Graph Pro GEQ3102


ProTools HD 12, 11 & HD 10

Logic Audio PRO 10 & 9


1 x Dangerous Monitor System

1 x Foxtex D2424LV Multitrack Recorder

1 x Philips CD Recorder CDR880

1 x ADAT Sony DTC-690

1 x Pletina Cassete

1 x Sony CD

1 x Canopus ADVC 110

1 x Reflexion Filter Pro


Access Virus Indigo (*)

Acoustic Feedback Deluxe (*)

Ampfarm 3 (*)

Anthology 2.0 Eventyde FULL (*)

Auto-Tune EFX (*)

Auto-Tune Evo 5 y 6 TDM (*)

BF Classic Compressors v4 (*)

BF Fairchild Bundle (*)

BF Moogerfooger Bundle (*)

BF Pultec Bundle (*)

BF Voce Bundle (*)


Boom Factory BF-3A (*)

Brickwall Limiter TDM (*)

Brillance Abbey Road Pack (*)

Bx Digital Brainworxs TDM (*)

Cosmonaut Voice (*)

D-Fi (*)

DVR2 TC Electronics Rever (*)

Eleven Digidesign Amp (*)

EMI TG 12413 Abbey Road (*)

Epure + AAX DSP (*)

Fairchild 670 (*)

Focusrite d2/d3 (*)

GMR Tools Classic (*)

H3000 Factory PTHD (*)

Harmony 4 TC Electronics (*)

Hybrid (*)

Joemeek SC2 Compressor (*)

Joemeek VC5 Meequalizer (*)

Line 6 Echo Farm (*)

LX480 Complete Rever (*)

Master X3 TC Electronics (*)

MD3 Stereo Mastering TDM (*)

MDW Hi.Res Param. EQ v3 (*)

Moogerfooger Phaser (*)

Moogerfooger A. Delay (*)

Moogerfooger Modulator (*)

NonLin2 Stereo EFX TC (*)

Omnipressor (*)

Oxford Dynamics HD UB (*)

Phoenix Crane Song (*)

Pultec EQH-2 (*)

Pultec MEQ-5 (*)

Purple Audio MC77 (*)

Real Tape Delay (*)

Real Tape Flanger (*)

Real Tape Saturation (*)

Revibe (*)

Sans Amp PSA-1 (*)

Smack TDM | RTAS (*)

Space AVID (*)

Synchronic (*)

Tel-Ray Variable Delay (*)

TL Drum Rehab (*)

Trigger (*)

URS MPACK EQ Bundle (*)

Virtual Buss Compressor (*)

Virtual Console Collection (*)

Virtual Mix Rack (*)

Virtual Tape Machines (*)

VMR Mix Rack (*)

Voce Chorus/Vibrato (*)

VSS3 Rever TC Electronics (*)

Waves Diamond TDM 9.2 (*)

Waves API 2500 (*)

Waves API 550 (*)

Waves API 560 (*)

Waves DLA (*)

Waves IDR (*)

Waves SSL E-Channel (*)

Waves SSL G-Channel (*)

Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor (*)

Waves Neve V-Comp (*)

Waves Neve V-EQ3 (*)

Waves Neve V-EQ4 (*)

Waves Z-Noise (*)

X-Form (*)

Clock & Digital Converter

1 x Crane Song HEDD 192


1 x Dangerous Music Monitor ST

1 x Mackie Big Knob

2 x Genelec 1030A (Pareja)

1 x Genelec 7060 BPM (Sub)

1 x Yamaha NSM 10

1 x AGL M-8

1 x Tannoy Mercury

1 x Etapa Yamaha 150W

1 x Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro-XL


1 x Sony MDR-7506

1 x Sony MDR-7510

1 x Sony MDR-7520

1 x Shure SRH840

2 x AKG 141


Piano Clavinova CPC

Roland XP-80 +Expansions

Korg DW-8000

Akai S-1000

Akai S-3000

Akai S-5000

Kurzweill K-2500R

Novation Supernova II

Access Virus B

Roland XV-3080

Yamaha FS1R

Guit. Acústica Martin DCPA5K

Guit. Española

Bass Fender Deluxe JazzBass 5 Strings

Zildjian K-Series Profi Promo Pack

Meinl SH7-L-BK Fiberglass Shaker

Millenium AF200 Cabasa

Gewa Claves

Meinl CH66HF Chimes

Meinl CL1RW Claves

Meinl AE-MTA2BO Artisan Tambourine

Meinl ES-SET Egg Shaker Set

Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.33 B

Meinl SH4BK Live Shaker

Gewa Jingle Band

Sonor GTR10 Triangle

Millenium RT100 BK

Millenium HT200 BL

LP CP374 Sleigh Bells

Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition (*)

Quantum Leaps Piano Platinum (*)

Nexus II (*)

(*) Software with original license.

Professional quality at fair price

Our Services

Musical production, recording, mixing and mastering with professional quality guaranteed in the hands of professionals with over 30 years of experience in albums of national and international artists.

Musical Production

Get in Barcelona the sound others search outside Spain, with the help of professionals with recognized national and international career. Open to all musical styles, and always in search of talent in all forms of musical expression.


Digital audio recording of professional quality based in ProTools HDX, and digital converters of the highest quality and the best microphone for all kind of audiovisual productions. Our 15 mts variable acoustics room allows recording of any kind of formation and musical style.


Get a mix that can compete at the same level with commercial mixes. It isn't true that everything can be settled in the mix, but it's totally true that everything can be spoiled in a bad mix. If you want quality, and your work aspires to compete in iTunes or television, we are your best choice here.

Mastering Online

Send us your album, EP or single to master and we will be delivering you in the same day with professional 100% quality. Need to make a DDP? Mastering for iTunes? Call us and you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

Arrangements / Orchestration

Need to record strings and you do not know anything on orchestral stuff or scores? We have been orchestrating and arranging songs for artists for over 30 years both inside and outside of Spain. Full score and parts, scores for SGAE, etc... Guaranteed quality and speed.


We have a wide range of professional voiceovers in several languages, different age ranges and types of voices and immediate availability, for any job from one day to another and even within the same day, at prices really competitive.

Custom Music

If you need music tailored to your film, short, documentary or TV, just check our portfolio out, and you will see that we have wide experience to tackle any project of any size, and comply the agreed delivery deadline with no delay.


Need music for a tv or radio commercial? We have a catalog of over 40,000 royalty free songs at competitive prices, thanks to an agreement with our partner Tonopro Music . Check with us what kind of license you need for your project, and you will get the best licensing price.

Our Rates

Rates by hours with progressive discounts and full day rates, with or without engineer.

1 HOUR (Setup)
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Professional Mix (**)
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Mastering Online (**)
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Arrangements / Orquestrations
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(*) All recording studio prices include the full use of the studio. VAT is not included

(**) Mix & Mastering should occur during the same session. Whether extra hours are needed, they will be charged at 35€ each one.


These are some of the clients with whom we have worked over this last 30 years, both in the world of music, films, advertising and TV industry.

Alex Lloyd (Australia)
Alfonso Pahino
Ana Gabriel
Andoni Ferreño
Anggun (Francia)
Beatriz Luengo
Carlos Marín
Casey Donovan (Australia)
Christine Anu (Australia)
Damien Leith (Australia)
Darren Hayes (Australia)
David Campbell (Australia)
David Miller (EEUU)
Diesel (Australia)
Ella Hooper (Australia)
Engelbert Humperdick (UK)
Florent Pagny (Francia)
Helen Fischer (Alemania)
Heather Headley (UK)
Helene Segara (Francia)
IB3 (Radiotelevisió de les Illes Balears)
Il Divo
Joan Crosas
José Sacristan
Katy Steele (Australia)
Kristin Chenoweth (EEUU)
Las Bilirrubinas
Lea Salonga (EEUU)
Leticia Sabater
Lisa Angell (Francia)
Los Albañiles
Luke Steele (Australia)
Malena Gracia
Marlisa (Australia)
Marta Sanchez
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Australia)
Natasha St-Pier (Francia)
Nathaniel (Australia)
Nelson Robles
Neox (A3media TV)
Nicole Scherzinger (UK)
Nova (A3media TV)
Pablo Puyol
Paco Arrojo
Paloma San Basilio
Pete Murray (Australia)
RTVE (Radio Televisión Español
Sebastien Izambard (Francia)
Serafín Zubiri
Sonia Lacen (Francia)
The Australian Children’s Choir
Urs Buhler (Suiza)
Victor Díaz
Vincent Niclo (Francia)
  • I can only say wonderful things about my traveling companion in so many battles. You're the best !!

    Carlos Marín
  • It was such a great help to work with Alberto. His knowledge about everything regarding production and mix was invaluable to get the great job we did together. Thanks Alberto !

    Sebastien Izambard
  • Nobody gets the best of my voice as Alberto, and it does so with respect, education and love for work well done.

    Geraldine Larrosa


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Phone: +34 935 41 78 03
+34 686 961 313

Address: carrer Roger, 25-27, 2ºB. 08028 Barcelona

E-mail: koalastudios.bcn[@]gmail.com